Monday, October 26, 2009

In this very moment...

I have been inspired by a blog that i just read to recreate her list of 'currents'. Lets have a see....

Listening to: A the moment US baseball because my husband has control of the remote while i have control of the laptop

Crushing on: I would agree with Miss Carly and say Chuck Bass from Gossip girl. I only discovered this serious during the school holidays just passed. I quickly consumed 2 seasons in 4 days...

Lusting over: This chair on
I would LOVE this chair, and it seems it comes in bright red... which i think would look FANTASTIC!

Consuming: My husband just heard the Home Ice cream truck and we brought a few things, one of which was a very sweet Callipo style ice block in raspberry flavour. Yummo!

Rocking: My mega comfy maxi dress. I love it as it looks good and is so simple!

Reading: As of yet nothing but i am anticipating i will read Matthew Riley's new book 'Five greatest warriors'. I do love his books, they are like an action movie with so many twists and turns!

Watching: Boston legal. I have some seasons downloaded on a hard drive that i watch every now and again. I love it's quirky characters.

Stressing over: What i am going to do with a particular class i teach. They are driving me up the wall!!

Scared of: Falling off the weight loss bandwagon. I really need to keep going this time.

Style i love: Beautiful decor often posted on some of my favourite blogs like &

Make-up essential: Mascara and under eye concealer

Wanting: A pretty but flattering summer dress that's below the knee... still searching

Loving: As always, my Husband. Although i also can't seem to get enough of my Nephew Lachlan. He has been on a roll with his talking and he is a crack up!

Hanging for: New Moon! I love love love Twilight. I know, it's like a dirty little secret, but it's oh so good!

Addicted to: Cooking in my Moroccan Tagine! I love sweet salty foods so i am loving using my glam tagine and cooking up something tasty dotted with nuggets of dried fruits and almonds served up with fluffy cous cous ...mmmmmm

So tell me... what are some of your currents?

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Anonymous said...

Twilight is my dirty little secret too ;)