Monday, November 2, 2009

My dream home

I was initially very excited when i first saw the latest blog this topic - with the instructions of 'If time/location/ money/ the rest of the world didn't matter, where would you live? What would your home look like?

I set to work straight away and started researching.... and looking, browsing through blog and google images, following links to other sites. Increasingly i became overwhelmed. You see, making a decision really isn't one of my strong points. I umm and ahh over things, wanting to make the 'right' choice. I started thinking of bedroom decor, lounge rooms, outdoor area's, bathrooms, kitchens, kids rooms, studies, media rooms...

In the end i have reigned myself in and decided to just show a handful of images that represent some of my favourite parts of a home. I decided not to show bedroom or lounge room choices because i was just could not narrow them down! What i will show you are some dream images of a kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor entertaining areas.

As for location, i really don't mind. After all, if this is my 'dream home' i will have many acres so location does not matter so much because it will be my own little oasis! So long as i am with my husband, with family (and shops!) close by i will be content!

The exterior
I love cottage federation looking homes with wrap around verandahs and pretty arches. This exterior looks perfect, crisp white colours and a beautiful cottage garden. This will set the tone for the rest of my home.
This home will be filled with beautiful furnishings, a blend of modern pieces with vintage designs. Think whites, creams and browns accentuated with punches of colour from pillows, vases and other little nic nacs. Tables, chairs, buffet's will be a recycled timber or distressed white finish.

The Bathroom

Porchlight Interiors

I love love love this shower! I was browsing through images with claw feet tubs, and his and hers sinks, both of which i quite like. However when i came across this picture i just fell in love. I prefer showers over baths. Usually because in a bath the water goes cold, while a shower stays nice and hot! What i love here is the long bench in the shower! You could still lounge around a little, while under a steady stream on water (in my dream home there is no drought, nor water restrictions).

The Pool

Porchlight Interiors

As a child i longed for a pool, still do for that matter! I adore how this pool blends in with the surroundings. Some pools look a little like they have just been plonked into the backyard. This one looks like it has grown there! That spa/fountain on the end also adds to the appeal!

Outdoor Living

House & Garden

With such a beautiful pool ares i know i will need a lovely outdoor entertainment area. I really like bench seats and lounges, where guests could relax with a glass of wine and have a chat. Near here i would have an outdoor kitchen, with a barbeque, mini fridge and a wood fire oven! I would also have a lovely table, one that i could expand to fit as many or as little as i liked!

The Kitchen


I have a 'thing' for Ikea kitchens. I especially like this one as it has that blend of country and modern that i am going for. The marble bench and professional gas oven is a must for any serious baker. My tea cups would be displayed in those glass cabinets, adding a punch of colour to the room. I also like to have people around when i cook so i can have a chat, so those bar stools are fab!

In the same room, a little further away i would have an open plan dining room and lounge room. I like these as it provides a central gathering place.

So that is my dream home! It really centres around being a gathering place for friends and family. It has been lovely to dream a little and imagine the 'what if's'. Although i will say that i really love my little home, and for now i will count my blessings in what i do have!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE that shower!! I'm adding that to my dream list!

DarNonymous said...

Great dream house.
The more I read everyone else's dreamhouse posts & see the awesome lavish pictures you've all chosen, the more I realise I am so used to living 'thrifty' that even my DREAMhouse is the simple DIY version of things!

Melissa said...

I just LOVE that outdoor space!

miss carly said...

i love wrap around verandahs too :) my house in forster {re: mum + stepdads house} has one. we constantly get offers from people {from sydney or melbourne} when they are up on holidays asking to buy.

alliecat said...

I have a thing for outdoor entertaining areas and pools too. Love yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that shower and the outdoor rooms. Great post!

Being Me said...

Ahhh love the shower and outdoor area!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Really spacious and light. I love it.