Sunday, October 25, 2009

Imaginary shopping spree

The latest blog this challenge is to spend an imaginary $200 on etsy. When i first saw this i thought.. oh god, where would i start. I lust over so many things from that beautiful site. There are just so many talented artists out there creating wonderful things!

So.. after careful deliberation here goes...

Chandelier Wall decal


I would place this beauty above our bed. I love the idea of these decals and have been lusting over them for ages, however it takes me a while to commit to something so for now i am just looking.

Amy butler fabric


I ADORE Amy Butler fabric. I have seen it featured on so many different blogs in varying DIY jobs and it always look eye catching and has beautiful harmonious colours. I would love to get some

fabrib and use it to made my window seat that i want to build (eventually).

Children's bunting


This would be a great gift idea i could use for any of my nieces and nephews. It is cute, but unique.

Ava’s Tea Party

$ 95.00

I would buy this beautiful print from Belle & Boo. Not only is it whimsical, it also celebrates the life of a beautiful little girl who’s life was tragically cut short. I would love to keep this one day for my own daughter (if i am so blessed), to remind me every day to cherish my little girl, because we don’t know the next turn life will take.

I have gone a TAD bit over in my 'spending', but hey, it's well worth it. So... what would you buy?

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Nisha said...

That is a beautiful decal! Such a refreshing change from the chandelier ones that are being featured everywhere!