Who am I?

Who am I? it's the eternal question really. One that we seek to answer at each stage of our life. We all hold many titles, and these titles seem to grow as we get older.

So who am I? What are my 'titles'?

I am a Woman
I am a Wife
I am a Mother
I am a Sister & a Daughter
I am a Friend - Hopefully a good one
I am a Teacher - A High School one in fact. This usually seems to cause people to shudder...
I am a Cook
I am a Baker and Cake Decorator
I am a Talker
I am a Planner
I am a Dreamer

This is my space to share all these aspects of myself. To no one in particular. Mainly beause there are so many thoughts that swirl through my head that I wish I could record them. Write them down.

So here I am.

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