Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, i thought my second post should be a 'where i'm at' kinda post. I have put together a 'montage' of pics of cakes i have made. Although, some of my favourite ones i don't have any pics of...

I am hoping that as i keep exploring the world of food blogging my baking abilities will get better!
I currently tend to use recipes from the Crabapple bakery cookbook. I have found almost all of the recipes in there failproof. The only downside being that the recipes make a huge amount of batter, making enough for two large cakes or 25-30 odd cupcakes. But any leftovers always go in the freezer and seem to get used quickly!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello world of food bloggers!!

Well this is an exciting moment for me! My first official post!
I discovered the world of blogging only a few months ago, and i was hooked. Many 'spare' hours are spent trawling through posts and finding out a world of new food discoveries.

I have LOVED looking at posts from a whole series of food challenges, including the Daring Bakers, Hay Hay it's Donner Hay and Tuesdays with Dorie. I would love to eventually join in one of these, but for the moment may start with some blogging.

I guess i should introduce myself properly first. I am a High School teacher and live in sydney (western sydney really, far west :D ). I looovve cooking, especailly cakes, and have hooked into the cupcake craze.

I am also engaged and due to get married early January 09 (in about 1 month and 2 weeks actually). My baking obsession has spread into my wedding, with me deciding to make a biccie buffet as our bonboniere. A wonderful idea.... until i have realised that i better get moving with making the dough seeing as i have several hundred biccies to bake!! I am making the dough, rolling it into balls and freezing it, so i can go on a baking frenzy after christmas.

I love using Donna Hay recipes, but also tend to be an 'instinct' cook, with varied results. Hopefully i can share some of these with you.

I hope my food blogging goes well ... but here goes!