Saturday, October 24, 2009

Product Review: Hillcrest Cafe Collection Vanilla Cupcakes

I found this cupcake pack at Aldi the other week and decided to try it out. I often like to make cupcakes myself from scratch, but it never hurts to have a pack ready to go in the cupboard in case you need to whip something up quickly.

What i really liked about this cake mix is that it comes with cupcake cases in the pack. This definitely makes it an all in one mix! It also comes with it's own frosting.

When i made these i did use extra light margarine and skim milk as they were all i had, plus i am trying to make some lower in fat treats! (Yes i am aware that is a complete oxymoron.. sigh).
I also baked 6 regular cakes and the rest as mini cakes. It makes quite a lot (at least 20) mini cakes, and that was only half the mix, seeing as i made 6 regular ones as well.

The cake itself is quite nice and fluffy, although without the richness of a homemade cake. The icing had a strong butter taste, although this could be because of the extra light marg that i used.

I would definitely say these are a great standby to have in the cupboard, and you really could play around with the base flavour and add anything you wanted to change it around a bit.


Anonymous said...

These are the best cupcakes ever very light and fluffy my grandchildren loved them. The problem now is Aldi have taken them off the market and replaced them with a much inferior product.

janna said...

Oh really? What a pity! I will have to get some of the current Aldi cake products and try them out.
I haven't used them for a while.