Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tell us about your your guilty pleasure, why you love it so much, where, when, how and what!

Oooohhh what is my guilty pleasure? I think we all have those smaller ones, like a piece of chocolate (i like mine dark and creamy...).

I would say mine is coffee and cake.. I LOVE going out for coffee and cake. My Mother and I used to go quite often when i was in high school. If we went out shopping we would stop for a coffee and cake. Sometimes if we wanted lunch we would share a sandwhich.. then share a cake. I definitely inherited my insatiable sweet tooth from my Mother!

Then when I met my husband some of our early dating revolved around coffee and cake. I would often meet him after work and we would head to a cafe to share a bit of cake. We would talk for hours as other patrons came and went.

The guilt comes from consuming the calorie laden delight. I tend to gravitate towards chocolate concoctions or tangy lemon varieties.The pleasure comes from the company that this is shared with. This is truly a guilty pleasure that is best shared. You talk and talk between mouthfuls of the sweet treat and warm brew.

I don't have this guilty pleasure as much anymore. Life gets busy and it is hard to find that time to grab. However, when i really want to be decadent and have a great chat, my go to is always a bit of cake.

As a matter a fact... i think i may just head off to have some guilty pleasure today...


Melissa said...

I want chocolate cake so badly right now!

I'm diabetic, you cruel woman...

I think this is a lovely post. So many of your happiest memories are centred on this little tradition. I say leave the guilt behind and celebrate it. Great entry!!

Chatterbox said...

Wow1 what a sweet tale of a sweet guilty pleasure. I have a packet of chocolate cake sitting in my pantry. On this note, I'll make it right away to satisfy my guilty pleasure :)

Great post!