Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog this...

I came across this blogger community today and decided to join. I love the idea of it: An Australian blogger community where there is a weekly challenge posted, that inspires the bloggers to contribute.

I loved the thought of this, because a) It connects me to other Aussie bloggers & b) It provides inspiration for posts.

My first Blog this challenge is this question:

If you could choose a day, a week, a moment in time to re-live - what would it be?

I have had a think about this. I was instantly thinking about whether there was anything i regret that i would like a do over of. I thought briefly of a bitter first relationship, would i like to go back in time and grow more of a backbone? No.... all of the turmoil, angst, love, and challenges in that relationship shaped who i am. It made me stronger. It is also what led me to meeting my True Love.

Would i want to do over any part of my childhood? Again no... again, it is part of the patchwork that makes up my life. I really don't believe in regrets. Every moment in life, no matter how achingly sad, or painfully embarrassing, make us who we are. Part of growing older is experiencing life, and all it has to offer.

I instead throw my thoughts to the happiest day of my life (to date!), my wedding day. Admitedly it really wasn't that long ago, as it was only at the beginning of this year. This is a day i would love to relive, over and over again. It was everything i wanted it to be. Is there anything i would change... hmm... I would perhaps actually look at my Future Husband to Be as i started going down the aisle, instead of grinning madly at my guests and trying to get a look at everyone because i was so damn excited. I would perhaps actually pay attention a bit more during the ceremony, because it was over before i knew it (again, because i was too excited and looking around everywhere to actually pay attention). However, i doubt any of that would change. I WAS excited.

I was marrying a man that I firmly believe is the most wonderful loving man in the world. I was committing to sharing my life with him. I was surrounded by everyone that I love. It was a beautiful sunny day, all of my plans had come together and it was the happiest day of my life.

Who wouldn't re-live a day like that over again?

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I agree, I'd love to relive my wedding day over again (3.5 years ago). It was just amazingly perfect but it flashed by so fast! I'd love to relive it to savour every moment :)