Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pergola Renovations

We really love our home. Mike and i often look at each other and state how lucky we are to have found such a lovely first home. I saw this house on the internet and fell in love. The day we went to see it was the same say that we signed on the bottom line and paid a holding deposit because it was P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

However, one small defect was that the pergola only extended over half of the decking.
This is something that we happily rectified recently. I am really grateful to have a Father that works in the building industry and knows how to draw up plans. He had a look and drew up a plan of action for our pergola. We did a bit of ringing around to find the best timber price. I would definitely recommend people do that as prices ranged from close $1500 to $800!
Over two weekends my wonderful parents, husband and his father and brother all helped in putting our plan into action. Slowly but surely we saw our pergola take shape.
I had the task of painting all the bits of timber. It is a good little trick, to give the timber at least one coat of paint before assembling. The reason for this being that it is allot easier and quicker to paint the timber this way, as opposed to having to get on a ladder and paint it all once assembled!

We finished all the framework by lunchtime Sunday. We didn't get the supplies for the roof though as we wanted to wait and get the right measurement so we could have that cut to fit the length. This way we only have to screw the roofing in place, not measure and cut.

Two weeks later (today) we finished the project. I spent the Saturday painting the older part of the pergola as the colours weren't quite an exact match.

Today my Dad, Mum and Mike's Dad all came over and we finished putting the roofing on. We brought some doubled sided cream corrugated sheeting from Stratco. We had an existing semi clear sheeting on the existing part, but that stuff actually adds 8 degrees to an area. However we did want to add in some natural light, so we interspersed the cream sheeting with the clear.

The end product looks AWESOME! All up it only cost $1500 so it came in within budget!!

I am very pleased with this project! I think it looks fantastic and am very excited at the prospect of many bbq's to come!

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