Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Planet Cake Course

I recently attended a planet cake course. Planet cake are well known for their inventive beautiful cakes. I have long coveted their courses but did not feel confident enough to go. However i recently brought their book and had managed to make one or two cakes. I decided to treat myself and book in for the course.

The course i booked was a beginners novelty cake, in the shape of a circus tent. The skills you learn in doing this include cutting the cake, ganaching, shaping, fondant tinting and rolling, covering the cake, and how to make decorations, including a little clown.
I arrived a little late to the shop in Balmain, which was followed by a mild heart attack when i thought i was locked out!! Thankfully someone arrived after i rang the buzzer.
We had two instructors Jessica and Maryanne who are both cake decorators for planet cake. We were given an instruction booklet to help us along the way. The action started straight away. The pattern of the day involved instruction of a step, a demonstration, and then we do our own. We were assisted at every step of the way. I in particular needed quite a bit of help in shaping the cake.
In the end i was really really pleased with my result. The cake looked great, although it gave me greater appreciation for the work that cake decorators do. It took us from 10- 4:30 to do the decorating.

The cake was gratefully received by a very excited birthday girl!
Cake in the making

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Louise said...

Well done, the cake looks unreal!!!