Thursday, June 18, 2009

R rated cake...

Ok... firstly.. if you are easily offended you may not want to keep reading.

Still here? Intrigued by the title? Well you should be! hehehe

On Saturday night we had my a-fore mentioned friend Maree's Hen night. Maree has a wicked sense of humour so we had though that it would be really funny if we made her a... ahem.... penis cake!!

I was disturbed taken by the idea and began planning and researching this cake weeks ago. Firstly, I had the PERFECT cake tin that i knew i could use, a Key shaped tin. With some careful carving and an additional round cake... i knew that i could get the right shape.

Next i began thinking of the design. I did a bit of googling ... which, by the way, typing in penis cake brings up some pretty interesting images, and alot of unusual looking cakes.

I had to begin the cake making process in advance, as i knew that i had some very busy events at work in the days leading up to the party. I baked the two cakes and set them aside. The next night i ganached the cake. I did have a few problems because i did not make quite enough ganache, but nonetheless... a definite penis shape was beginning to emerge.

Last came the covering with the icing. This part was tricky... mainly because i had spent the previous day/ night with 50 wide awake teenagers at the school's winter sleep out.. which involved NO sleep. Fast forward to a very tired me, attempting to roll out cheap icing without it ripping. As the cake was so large i found the icing too heavy to lift up without it causing too many large holes ( i curse myself for not finding time to go to the cake shop and buy proper icing, instead i settled for the supermarket stuff...). However a very tired and emotional me did finally manage to cover the cake... apply the 'hair' and voila!

Penis cake!!

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