Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food Blog Love

I ADORE food blogs. It stumbled across the blog Not Quite Nigella one day when i was searching for a cupcake recipe. She had me hooked! I love reading about her food escapades, from restaurant reviews to her recipe commentary. I love how she begins with a little annecdote and then goes into her beautiful story. When i realised that this blog was updated daily it became one of my daily rituals. I now read this blog every day without fail, either in the morning with my brekkie or in the afternoon with a cuppa. It still remains my all time favourite blog.

It is from here that i then decided to go in search of some more food blogs. I prefer Aussie blogs as i feel i can relate to them more, plus they also have ingredients i know i can get here!

Here are some other food blogs that i frequent (and drool over)

Suze also gives very funny anecdotes, and i have come to love her catchphrase 'nom nom'. She does not post daily like Lorraine of NQN (yes, i feel as if i am on first name basis) but does post frequently. Suze also frequents many sydney markets as she owns her own biscuit company called Biscuit Tree. She always has plenty of pictures for you to look at.

This blog is written by the lovely Ellie. This also features little stories, with some hilarious vignettes of her family and their tendency to sneak bits of her food. This blog often weaves baking in with raditional korean dishes. I love the step by step photos that she presents with any of ther recipes.

I found this blog a while ago but i forgot to tag it. I came across it again recently and was hooked once again. This time i remembered to tag it!

This blog is vastly different from the others, as the blogger is a trained pastry chef. If her posts are anything to go by, a bloody good one at that!

Her blog is one i simply enjoy looking at as her presentation of her food is always a complete work of art. Many of her recipes are definate 'restaurant quality'. I would LOVE to try one of them some day. You really must check it out for yourself!

These are just a very small handful of food blogs. If you like cooking i would definately recommend that you check some out for yourself!

But be warned... they are strangely addictive!

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