Sunday, June 7, 2009

Books Galore!

Recently went to my parents place and finally picked up all of my books, and accompaning bookshelves. You see, i have loved books ever since i was a little child. I still remember the first proper 'novel' i read in first grade, called Amelia Jane gets into trouble by the lovely Enid Blyton. I was hooked!

However i was so hooked that i refused to get rid of ANY book i ever owned.... so now here i am with 6 mega garbage bags filled with books. They range in every possible genre and thickness! When i moved out with my husband (then fiancee) i left my books behind as i anticipated that it was going to be a huge job, and that i would need a place to put them all.

My mother always shared a love of reading with me, so when it came to taking the books we had to have a few negotiations over who got to keep which books. She allowed me o take all the Enid Blytons but she got to keep Raymond E Fiest... i tried to con her into giving me the Anne of Green Gables series but she didn't budge on that one *Pout*

We do have a dilema though. I was planning on making a bookshelf wall on the far end of our 'entertainment' room. I say 'entertainment' because it is currently a room housing an unused weight set, various boxes and our old plasma which we plan on eventually mounting on the wall.

Anyway, i digress, our dilema is that the antenna port and electrical socket for said TV is on the aforementioned wall. We are unsure at this point whether to a) move the antenna and electrical socket b) cut a hole into one of the shelves or c) choose another spot... sigh...

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