Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Wall Madness

I LOVE photo walls. I think i get it from my mother, who created huge photo walls long before they were fashionable. In my family home she had photos lining the walls on either side of the hallway as you entered the house. On one side were photos of her family through the generations, and on the other side my fathers. It gave me a lovely sense of family heritage; I loved pouring over the photos, looking at the different clothing and stern faces.

In the lounge room there was a second photo wall filled with photos of our immediate family.

I knew that when i had my own home i too would have a photo wall feature. When we moved in it was one of my first decorating projects. I brought two packs of frames from Target at 50% off and got to work.

I find the hardest part of the wall is getting the right balance of photographs, with everyone that you want represented. I had a half finished wall up for a while until i had found the last key photographs for the wall.

Through the school holidays i got to work on my wedding photo wall. This one was to take pride of place on the wall near the kitchen, off from the hall, leading into the lounge room. I had spent a while trying to work out how many frames i would need, what colour etc. However one huge concern was the cost of frames, with me realising that even with cheap frames it was going to most likely cost about $150 - $200. Cue my Mother, who i remembered had a huge stack of unused frames last time i was over. A quick phone call later and i had secured the unused frames.

My only glitch was that some of the frames were black. Now black frames are lovely, but i don't really use black frames in my house, as the colour scheme is mostly white, creams and mint green. I did not think these would look nice against my pale green wall. Luckily, as fate would have it, i also remembered that the previous owner of the house had left tins of paint in the garage. After a dig i found white paint.

My next photo wall project had begun...

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