Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Wall continued ...

After finding the paint i got to work. I firstly laid out the frames in front of the wall that they were to hang. Here i sorted and arranged them into a rectangular shape. Some of the frames i was keeping with their timber finish, while others i was going to paint. The frames were varying sizes so it made it a little bit more complicated to arrange.

Next i went through my wedding album and chose what photos i wanted to print out for the frames. Once this was decided i was ready to start painting. I painted the frames with about 3 coats of paint. (I am rather pleased with how they look, although they are by no means perfect).

I printed out the photos to the right size and use my trust guilotene to cut the paper and mounted the photos into the frame.

The last step was to hang the photos. This is where i know i have no talent at all. I have no sense of straight or crooked, so i handed this task over to my lovely husband! his is where his perfectionist qualities come to play, and he busily set about measuring out the spaces and carefully mounting the frames. We used 3m velcro strips, which are great forgetting the perfect position.

Once up we also added our L.O.V.E letters to the wall that we used in our wedding.


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