Thursday, April 23, 2009

After the wedding i have experienced post wedding blues. I just loved the creative outlet that planning the wedding allowed me. I had thoroughly enjoyed researching, looking at wedding blogs for inspiration and designing bits and pieces.

I have now focussed that creative outlet on our house. I love our little home, and have always been delighted that we brought it. It had been freshly painted subtle shades of green and cream. It had quite a new kitchen, a new bathroom, and imber decking outside. Initially i thought that it is the kind of home that i won't have to do anything to... until i started to get bored.

I have a long list a little jobs i want to do around the house, things to imprint my taste and style on the home. The list incudes

  • Extend the pergola to the second part of the decking (the current pergola only covers the first half)

  • Build seating around the perimiter of the first half of the pergola

  • Build a pergola for the concrete clab in the corner of the yard

  • Turn the corner of the yard into a BBQ cooking area with an outdoor kitchen

  • Pave both sides of the house to minimise the dirt that our dog tracks onto the decking

  • Buy awnings for the back windows and from bedroom windows

  • Replace ugly pink curtains in bedroom and Entertainment room

  • Decorate entertainment room (currently the 'this and that' room)

  • Take bookshelves from Mum's and put in recreation room

  • Print, frame and hang wedding photos wall

  • Buy a sideboard to put pretty decorative items on

  • Landscape the from garden (On the way in doing this after buying 100 Tulip bulbs online

I know that this looks like quite the list, but some items are long term plans, while others are more immediate.

This is what i have in mind for the outdoor Kitchen, althought without all the sandstone, and the roofing will most likely be colourbond.

The only obstacle to these grand plans.... money. Sigh....

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