Monday, May 21, 2012


When I last posted I was 35 weeks pregnant. I now have a nearly 14 month old, Abigail. Clearly I did not continue to write. Instead I became swept up in the beauty of Motherhood.

I used to be very doubtful of my ability to be a Mother. I questioned if I would be any good at it. Would I know what to do? How to comfort a child when crying, get them to sleep. Would I know what to feed them?

What I have discovered is a life far richer than I could have imagined.

Neither my Husband or I were expecting the intense fierce love that would sweep through us the moment our Daughter was born. She came into the world with her eyes open. She gazed so intently at us both. She was our Daughter, and we were her Parents.

She was a determined little thing from the get go. As she has grown older I have delighted in watching her personality develop. Now at nearly 14 months she is a powerhouse of personailty. She is super determined and strong willed. She often knows what she wants, and most of all, that she wants it right away. She is quick to laugh and smile, and seems to find amusement in most things. She happily walks around babbling away and making noise.  As you can tell, I adore this little girl.

Sometimes I just want to press pause on life and savour the moment. I want to record all the little things in my memory.

Such as how magical that moment felt when she was born. I want to always savour the feeling of love and family that filled the birthing suite when both our families piled into the room a scant 30 minutes after Abbie was born. There were tears of joy as she was welcomed to the world by the people that love her most.

My life has changed. I have a new title to add to my list. Mother.

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