Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holiday renovating

Mike and I were both home together this school holidays. To my delight, and Mike's dismay, this meant that i was able to put into action some of my plans for putting together our entertainment room.
The Mess before we began, with all the bags containing my books to the left

We have this lovely large room in our house, that has quite a nice feature wall painted in a plummy purple colour. I mentioned a while ago that my mother was packing up all of my childhood books for me to finally take with me. The books arrived, along with 3 large white bookshelves

I decided that the best way to us these would be to cut them down, so that i had a low line of bookshelves running along the feature wall. This way i could have all of my books, as well as a lovely spot to put together little trinkets i find.

Mike also wanted a place to hang his framed sports pictures and to put his old plasma (we brought a newer one for our lounge room).

Mike's first job was to cut the shelves down. He did this with the help of his Uncle, who is very handy with these things, They did a great job and they all came to the perfect height. Mike and I then tided the shelves up by applying a laminate strip to the tops of the shelves.

It did take a while to put in all of my books and decide on how to arrange them. I sorted them loosley by genre, with the genres being:

Old Favourites (I have a tonne of Enid Blytons, Trixie Beldens and Baby Sitters club!)

Pre- Teen literature
Modern fiction
Australian Literature

Sci Fi and Fantasy
Historical fiction
Historical investigation/ Biography/ Autobiography

I then put little bits and pieces on tip of the shelves. Mike also assembled a TV unit for our TV and we put an old bed cover on the lounge that semi matched the colour of the room.

What do you think? I am pretty pleased with the overall look, although there are still a few more finishing touches to come.

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