Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad Bad Blogger!

Ok, so i am a lousy blogger! I started the blog at the craziest time of my life, with the end of the school year, christmas, New Year AND my upcoming wedding. I am now less than a week away from my wedding, and have been making bits and pieces for the day.

I thought i would share some of my handiwork. It's my way of gaining forgiveness of my (as yet) non existant readers!!!

These are my DIY invites. I made the design myself, which i was very proud of! I brought an old version of Photoshop on ebay, and did some self taught fiddling. I then found some 'stamps' in patterns i liked. I blended two stamps together to come up with my design, then recoloured it in my theme colours (which are pale green, pale blue, Latte and Gold). I was lucky enough to come across some GORGEOUS japanese paper that matched my design. I also made the pocket, with the help of some templates at Mirkwood designs, which i modified.

These are our placecards. You may think it's a little odd that i have a chicken bone on there, but let me explain. This is a bit of a family traditon. When my parents were married in the early 70's they had wishbones as their bonboniere (aparently it was popular back then). In those days they didn't have plastic ones, so there was alot of chicken eating to be done!

When my parents had us kids, my dad decided that he would take the hassle out of collecting chicken bones, and started keepng them. Except he didn't let my mother and us kids in on this, so while he thought my mother had been taking the dried bones and putting them away, we had been gleefully breaking them!

Fastforward many years later when my Father discovered the mishap. He explained the story and we stopped breaking the wishbones and left him to collect them (mind you neither myself or my siblings were overly thrilled at the idea of using real chicken bones at our wedding!).

However there is another twist to the story. I decided i would use the wishbones in my wedding on the placecards. My father carefully counted out the right amount of bones, washed them, dried them, and painted them... only to come outside a few hours later to collect them to find only one wishbone, but a very satisfied looking dog nearby! So now we have to make sure we have enough bones for my sisters wedding in may, and re did my bones.

Now the image uploader isn't working, so i will come back later and add more bits and pieces!
items will include
- The order of service in the shape of a fan
- My Biccie jars for my biccie buffet

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