Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello world of food bloggers!!

Well this is an exciting moment for me! My first official post!
I discovered the world of blogging only a few months ago, and i was hooked. Many 'spare' hours are spent trawling through posts and finding out a world of new food discoveries.

I have LOVED looking at posts from a whole series of food challenges, including the Daring Bakers, Hay Hay it's Donner Hay and Tuesdays with Dorie. I would love to eventually join in one of these, but for the moment may start with some blogging.

I guess i should introduce myself properly first. I am a High School teacher and live in sydney (western sydney really, far west :D ). I looovve cooking, especailly cakes, and have hooked into the cupcake craze.

I am also engaged and due to get married early January 09 (in about 1 month and 2 weeks actually). My baking obsession has spread into my wedding, with me deciding to make a biccie buffet as our bonboniere. A wonderful idea.... until i have realised that i better get moving with making the dough seeing as i have several hundred biccies to bake!! I am making the dough, rolling it into balls and freezing it, so i can go on a baking frenzy after christmas.

I love using Donna Hay recipes, but also tend to be an 'instinct' cook, with varied results. Hopefully i can share some of these with you.

I hope my food blogging goes well ... but here goes!

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